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The art of intimacy is literally the art of the Angels, for it is the art of learning to fly beyond the darkness of the world? -MW I?m Klara. I see myself as a being of love, warmth and light. . . here to assist, uplift and heal as many people as possible. I?m sure you have noticed the not so great things that are happening on the planet. To counter the evil and violent forces of our time, I?m here to be a safe respite for anyone who needs a tender and loving embrace, understanding ear, and radiant spirit. I have my first degree in Interdisciplinary Studies where I studied the Power of Romantic Love. The study of connection has always fascinated me; as well as non-violent communication, conflict resolution, and peace building. I have noticed over the years that there is a great need for people to be able to BE WHO THEY REALLY ARE and not walk masked within the world. To be an honest representation of themselves; this is the only way we can truly get along with each other. When we can own our truth we no longer deceive ourselves or others. The reality is that relationships are hard. We all struggle with them. Single or coupled alike. What is really required is a deeper understanding of YOURSELF; your needs, your desires, your capabilities, your worth. Without knowing your own needs, boundaries and identity you will face quarrels with other people. The only reason I know this is because I?ve learned from experience ? So here I am, in a very socially controversial position; offering to be of service in the ways of intimacy, connection, sensuality. . . from a place of high consciousness and self-awareness. I like to help people learn to understand themselves, it?s one of my deepest passions. I am a very nurturing and healing person. Most people tell me that they feel immense serenity and relaxation when they are around me. This is because I am very connected to the essence of who I am. The feminine goddess archetype. The divine feminine. Healing and nurturing, assisting others reach the attainment of inner peace and self-love. I have had a career as a performer; singer, swimmer, dancer, and model. But I have found that I?m very entrepreneurial by nature, and I have always wanted to do things my own way. And here I am, in my beginning stages of becoming a fuller expression of my true purpose. I offer sensually awakening experiences. I believe that until you know and are alive in your own body, it is very difficult to find your way in the world. Physicality is a large aspect of what we are, though we are also much more than our bodies. I do have a request for you. That you only contact me if you are a genuinely warm and good hearted person. A professional man who is respectful of women. I will not tolerate any hate mail or negativity regarding my approach to this; you will be immediately deleted and blocked so please do not waste my time or yours. If you are to contact me, it signifies that you respect and appreciate what I am doing in the world. I value my clients and I expect to be valued in return. Qualities I appreciate in a gentleman include: charming, polite, courteous, prompt, chivalrous, kind, honest, warm. . . Other random things about me: I have no tattoos or body piercings. I have soft tanned skin. Eastern European heritage. I alternate my hair from brown to blonde and everything in between. I don?t live a party lifestyle and have nothing to do with drugs or people who do them; I am a serious student and dedicated to creating the best possible future for myself. All of your monetary contributions go towards my tuition, living, and student debt expenses. . . so. . . THANK YOU for supporting me. I also have pets! So if you have allergies please ask me about that. My workspace is clean and professional with very romantic and feminine decor. I am located in the business district just blocks from the Parliament Buildings in a private professional condo. Clean sheets and clean towels are always provided, as well as a spacious bathroom and shower for your personal needs. Please see the Schedule section for my availability, services and rates. May I be a blessing on your life, Klara 6132192831


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